Sunday, April 4, 2010


For this special entry, i would like to say a very thank you to all my online business friends coz being a part of my solemnization & reception ceremony. U guys makes my dreams come u guys and do keep in touch..xoxo..

My makeup for solemnization & reception

Awyn from Wynas Bridal -

My hijab & veil (solemnization) and hijab (reception)
Vispera from
Koleksi Vispera -

Hantarans deco (for both sides) + handbouquet (solemnization) + wedding cake flower deco
Kak Jazz from
Syiraz Lil Cottage -

Dais + main table deco + hall deco + handbouquet + bride& groom's accessories
Kak Nadia from Dina Halim -

Door gifts chocolate
Nadya from Oleolemanis -

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